Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Braelyn

It is so hard not to take a million pictures of these kids everyday. I think Braelyn has the most ever because she is in that fun stage of dressing her up. Plus with all the clothes the girl has she could wear a different outfit everday and never wear the same thing twice. I love these two outfits. Tiffany let us borrow this super cute jacket and jeans from Payten. Then the kitty outfit is so soft and comfy I just love it. I wish it came in my size. And for all you flower lovers and haters...yes she almost has a different flower or bow for every outfit and yes I make her wear them all the time. Hey this may be my last girl I have to enjoy it!

She is working on crawling. She has been doing a lot of scooting, she started back at the beginning of January.
This is her sexy pose. She is such a ham...I love it.
I just love this face!!

Christmas Decorations

I am still playing Christmas catch up. This is mainly for me so next year I will remember where everything goes. This year I did something different when I took everything down I put the stuff from the same room in the same tote. Which worked pretty good expect sometimes I would think I was done, the tote was full and then I would find one more thing. So some totes have all of one room plus that one extra thing. We will see if that helps with the decorating process. I have about 12 totes of Christmas Decorations so it is a big project. This isn't even all the rooms with stuff but I guess I got tired of taking pictures or maybe the rooms were messy...who knows with my brain these days.

The Upstairs hallway

The boys room

The little alcove before you go into our bedroom

The kids bathroom

Our bathroom

and our bathroom again!

Can you guess...the stairs..ha!

More stairs!

Wall in our family room

Another family room shot

Our entertainment center...Case wanted to get in every picture it was so cute!

Here he is again...I love that face!

Another family room wall.

End table ~ I think these are some of my favorite decorations

SIL Jenny did this for me and I love it. It goes on our kitchen table...she is very good!!

Sliding glass door in kitchen

Another SIL Jenny idea!!

Did you guess the kitchen? Good guess

Yes more kitchen

Hutch in dining room. This and our entertainment center are my 2 favorite pieces!!

The whole dining room, Jenny helped me with my table. It turned out so nice. I love this room even though it barely gets used but it is so pretty!

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas Tree!!
The End of the tour!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Pary Fun

Today we got to go to the Neverland Clubhouse at Disney for Dominick's 4th and Dorians 7th birthday. It was so much fun. They had video games to play, movies to watch, a tattoo station, pirate bandannas to color, toys to play with and food. That was my favorite part. Thanks for inviting us again this year!!

~In this picture I so think of "A Little Fellow Follows Me"~

Me and baby sis

Daddy being normal and Case thinks he is crazy!

Video game time

What a little dude to be playing on these big video games.

She is so big now...makes my heart hurt but in a good way.
Tattoo time - boys got pirates, girls got princesses. Even Brae got one.

Bandanna Time
She is so silly - he horses head really moved

These are the only pics I could get of the Birthday boys. They kept moving.

Hot Potato with a Mr Potato Head
Colt dressed up there in some pirate clothes
I think this is the sweetest picture.
Birthday party's are

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Deep Purple is so the New Black!

I still have a ton to post from Christmas but I just had to put this one in. I have fallen in love with the new deep purple that is out now. I have never been a big fan of the color purple until this shade came out and now I have a ton of shirts in this color and everytime I go to look at clothes I look at the purple stuff. Well I got this adorable dress for Brae at Old Navy for like $5 and then I made this cool flower. Yes I made it...I am so proud of myself!!! I also got these shoes at Children's Place on clearance last year...aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen. I wish they had them in my size!!

Me and my baby girl...both in purple...ha!
I love those cheeks. Braelyn now weighs 20 lbs at 8 months.
So not lady like but love her expression!
Davis is the best big sister any kid could ask for. She is the best helper any mommy could ask for as well. Don't you just love the shoes!

Davis took this one, a bit off center but a good shot of the shoes.
Davis took this one too, its a bit on the glowing side but I had to post it, I think Braelyn looks like me in this picture...what do you think? Please say yes...there has to be hope out there that she will look like me and Davis instead of her Daddy as she gets!!