Monday, September 28, 2009

This is the 8 x 10 I got...I think he looks like he is getting school pics taken here:)

These are the 2 5x7's. He just is not the happiest boy ever.

Okay so here are the pics I had done of Case at Picture People. These turned out to be my least favorite but thats okay they were FREE and I won't feel so bad when I replace them. I finally looked at all my frames and mats and realized that I got two in the light tan and two in the dark tan. Hopefully it will look alright when I hang them. We will see....oh the drama in our life....NOT.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Braelyn's Picture People Pictures 9/21

Okay well I have to say that these pictures turned out so awesome that it was so hard to choose but I did good and only walked out with my free ones that came in the trilogy. This first one is the 8 x 10 I picked.

The one above and below are the 2 5 x7's I picked. If anyone goes to Picture People at Millena Mall ask for Judy she is so awesome.

This picture below is right before she rolled over for the first time. You can see she is about to go cute.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture People Deal

This is the 8 x 10 I got.

This is one of the 5 x 7's...

This is the other 5 x 7....

Okay so many of you know I am a picture addict. For some reason I think that I must photograph my children every second of there life. Heaven for bid I don't document every move they make. So any way Picture People had this deal going where if you came three different times on the third time you would get a free Triolgy, which is a frame that has 2 5 x 7's and one 8x 10 matted in the frame. Well don't tell me something is free and expect me not to get it!!!! So the first time we went I got family 4th of July pics. Then the second time I went I got Cases pictures taken...oh the much crying. Well my goal on the third time was to just get a picture of all 4 kids. Well the girl that works there told me I could do this deal as many times as I wanted so like I said when you say FREE I am there. I decided that I could not go thru the torture of going 9 more times by the end of September just to get three more free trilogys so I figured out a way to get all the kids pics done for almost free and just buy 2 frames. So after all of this I got 2 triolgys for FREE!!! Adam couldn't believe it!!! Now I have a million more pics of my kids....that I so needed!!!! and I have 4 beautifully framed trilogys that Adam is going to get to hang up in my office. I guess I need to stop having kids since I am running out of places to put pics. One day I will take pictures of all my pictures on the walls. CRAZY!!! Maybe I need therapy...LMBO. So I am going to post over the next few days some of the pics I had taken. I know I am a bit biased but I have to say that God has truly blessed us with 4 beautiful children.

Oh any just FYI I walked out of Picture People the day I had these taken with a trilogy and a free sheet for NOTHING.....ZERO!!!! Can you believe it!!!!

On a different note please keep the Sullivan Family in your prayers. The girls name is Sara and she went home to heaven today. She just had a little girl Chloe I believe on the 8th of the month. You can go to her familys blog for more info.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Because.......

Such love...I love the chubby cheeks.

Davis and Colt thought that Braelyn might be getting cold so they broke out the mittens and hat. I think it might snow soon....NOT!!!

Dancing at Mamaw and Papa'lls house. Sometimes they get along so well. I love it when they do. I hope they always love each other and grow up to be such great friends.

After church September 13th....

My little twins....thanks to Payten for being so little so Braelyn can wear her clothes. This dress is a 6 - 12 months and Braelyn is only 3 and a half months old. Can we say chubby!!!!

Muscles....don't hate. I love that baby....he has the worlds longest torso, another thing he gets from his Daddy. Did I have anything to do with this kid?

Imagine if we could all be so relaxed when we sleep...Colt doesn't have a care in the world in this picture.

I went to get Case out of his crib the other morning and this is what I found. I guess he is trying to show off his sexy chest. Love the muscles....

Thank you Aunt Kara and Uncle Larry for my beautiful dress and thank you Carrie ( for my beautiful bow!!!! I love love love my Aunt and Uncle!!!!

Okay well I have been very busy and away from home a lot the last few weeks so I have gotten behind on blogging. So I am going to try and catch up a bit. The biggest news of the day is Braelyn turned over from her belly to her back for the first time today. YEAH!!!! I was getting worried since she turned 4 months yesterday but Mom made a good point her belly is so big its hard to roll all that weight We were actually at Picture People today getting pics made of her( I know Regina shocking right!!!!) and they wanted her on her tummy and she just flipped right over. I guess she doesn't like laying on a hard floor.
Adam and I also started our first Home Builders class tonight. I am so excited about it and hope we both learn a lot and can work on making our marriage better. Anyone that reads this please keep us in your prayers as we take this class. Well off to bed everyone....Goodnight!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kara

Happy Birthday Kara!!!!

Today is (one of) my favorite Sister in Laws Birthday. We are so thankful that Larry was smart enough to marry you and bring you into the The reasons we love are fun, you love to shop, you love to eat (that part cracks me up), you make Larry more fun(j/k), you have great hair (gold or rooty), but most of all we love you because you have a wonderful heart. You are sweet to all the million nieces and nephews you inherited. You are also wonderful to my Mom and Dad and act like they are part of your family not just Larry's. You fit right in and its hard to remember you never being part of us. We love you a bunch and hope you have an awesome day.

Oh one more thing. There are two things I don't like about you!!! You are younger than me and you can buy something without trying it on and it always fits!!!!! Just kidding!!! I love you anyway:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Roddy

Happy Birthday Roddy(tomorrow)!! You are the best brother in law( I can say that without getting into trouble since I only have one sister..haha) but seriously you are wonderful. I thought the other day if Jenny had married a different guy or one of the other guys she had dated how different her life would be. You are a wonderful example of Gods love to her and your family. Thanks for all you do and have a great birthday!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Muscle Man + Frog Butt = Case Allen

Okay so I am still trying to figure all this blogging stuff out. Maybe my sister can give me a class on it like she did homeschool...hahaha. As you can see I tried to ask Adam to help me and he made fun of Hey I can't help it I am not a computer genius and don't make fun of me Adam. You may be a smart computer guy but I sure know how to play the coupon game.

Anyway Case's new thing lately is showing his muscles which is the funnies thing because he has the scrawnest arms and don't get me started on his frog butt. That will be a whole other post!!! I just have to say I love this little boy to death. He has got to be the sweetest (most days) baby boy. He has such a wonderful nature and most of the time is always smiling...except when he is being tackled by his big brother. Well enjoy the little muscle man and tell Michele Obama she ain't got nothing on these arms!!!

P.S. Adam just told me scrawnest is not a word but it is in our house.


Tammy: Hey Honey look what I did.

Adam: That's cool, have fun with that.

Tammy: I need you to do it.

Adam:Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt! I don't know how that facebook stuff works.

Tammy: It'll be great, u can figure it out, ur soooooo good at this stuff.

Adam: UUUGGH....

Soooo. It's so easy a caveman, cop, former marine, bald headed, stone cold defender of freedom, crimefighting crusher of evil can do it. See......I did it. Here I come Twitter er's! AE

Monday, September 7, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

Well I guess I have put this off long enough. I love love love reading everyone elses blogs but didn't want to take the time to create one of my own. I have only felt slight pressure from my SIL start one. So I figure if my hairdresser Bre can do hair, raise 2 girls and have 2 blog sites the least I can do is raise 4 kids, homeschool and keep up with one blog. Lets see how it goes.....Happy Labor Day everyone.