Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone!! What a wonderful reason for the season. Thank you Jesus that you would come to earth, be born and then die on the cross just so we can get to Heaven.

We had a wonderful time first at my brother's house Christmas Eve and then at my Mom and Dad's for Christmas Day. Larry and Kara (plus Sedona and Sierra) came into town 2 days ago. I love having them here for the holidays. I just wish they could come for all of them or better yet just live here!!! Did you hear that Larry!!!!! I will have to pray harder for that. The kids and adults got way to much as always but are so thankful for all we have. Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts since my "Thank You" card days seem to be over. I just never seem to have the time. Now we have to start the count down to Christmas all over again!!

Me and Braelyn...I love this face...hers that is:)

My Big Sister and Big Bro

Uncle Larry is super cool!

9 of the 15 Grands...come on Larry and Kara lets make it to 20!

Davis got Papall some Old he can smell good. I always got Papa'll Bill Chocolate Covered Cherries for Christmas so maybe this can be Davis' tradition:) Its the little things that we remember forever!! Still miss you Papa'll Bill, one day I will see you on the other side.

The super cool coat we got for Sierra. She wasn't a big fan of us but I am hoping by next year she will really like us. Maybe I should start sending her presents. Bribes work for kids why not dogs?

Great picture of Larry and Kara

Sedona Claus

Case's gift from one of the Wagner kids

Stylin' in her scarf....really mine from Mom!

Can't you tell he loves his new cups!

Adam and one of his mini me's.

Me and Iris...I love her. I keep trying to get Jenny to let me have her and she keeps saying NO!!
Davis loves her some Emma June
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disney on Christmas Eve Eve!

My SIL called us and asked us if we would want to go to Disney. She had some free passes that were expiring. I was so excited, the only bad thing is that we would be going on Christmas Eve Eve and I still had much to do. But oh well we went anyway and had a blast. The Hogan Family joined us later in the day. We didn't do a whole bunch but we did get to go to Animal Kingdom and see The Lion King show which was awesome and we got to see the night parade which was super cool. It was cold but not to cold, or at least not as cold as last year. We were freezing last year. Anyway I took a ton of pics...surprise....and I even narrowed it down some.

I wonder if we will ever get a perfect family picture. This one is pretty good if only I could photoshop Davis' eyes open.
Don't you love Case picking his nose...!
This is me before Braelyn...well maybe she is in my belly...the duck looks prego..ha
Can you see his little tear?
My little daredevil
Miss Pretty

This is my fave
I look scared of Adam
~Butt face~
Which way did they go? ( Don't you love his shirt!)
Two Peas
Mr Cool...don't hate the hair!
Me and Camryn, she is so pretty and the tinest thing.
The Hogans...I need to work on getting better pics of Sean. He always gets left out.
Look at the cool castle
Not as scared
Colt once again didn't like the Princesses. I don't know what his deal is. Case loved them...ladies man. Davis is so cute when she goes up and talks to them. Maybe one day she can be one!! I think Belle!!

Which I don't know she kind of looks like Cinderella...I am sure she will dye her hair anyway!

The boys were worn out by the end and had fallen asleep by the end of the parade. We were the last ones standing. What a great day!!
I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hersey Family Chirstmas!!

This year I finally felt up to having people over for the holidays again. Last year I was prego and didn't have the energy and the year before that I had a newborn. Case was born on December 11th so I didn't feel up to having to clean and cook for a ton of people. We had talked to Adams Mom and StepDad about getting together with the Hersey side of the family. It worked out great and everyone was able to come. Everyone brought a dish....we had tons and tons of food. All of our counters were packed. I wish I would have thought and taken a picture of it. Davis loves loves loves Rex and Marys girls so she was SUPER excited to get to spend time with them. They are so sweet and get along so well. I look to them and hope that my kids get along that well when they grow up. We also got to spend some time with Aunt Bev (Ellen's SIL). She is such a wonderful lady it was so great that she drove over and hour to come and visit. Well I think almost everyone drove over an hour. Man I wish we lived closer sometimes. Anyway the kids (and us) got tons of stuff and we had a wonderful time catching up with family. Thanks everyone for coming and all the goodies.

~All of Us~
Rex, Mary, Hannah, Tiffany and Olivia...we love them!!
I love this boy!!
I love this boy too!!! Don't you love their shirts...they say"Cool Like Daddy"

Peter and Aunt Bev
Granny, Poppa and Baby Brady
The beautiful Hersey Women...Minus one!
Adam being well...Adam!!
Fun times
Davis fell in love with her Uncle Brent. She was so loud that night and would just laugh and laugh at him everytime she saw him. It was too funny!
Grandma Hersey
Granny her hip scarf
I gave Adam the camera so thats why some of the pics are a bit crazy...he calls it Photography!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hogan Family Christmas!

For the past few years we have gotten together with Sean and Tiffany to have a mini Christmas Celebration. Since we are always so busy with our families we do it a bit before Christmas. This year we got together on the 15th of December. Its amazing in the past few years how much our celebration has expanded. It started out with Sean and Tiffany and then Adam, Me, Davis and Colt. Since it all started we have added Payten and Camryn to the Hogan Family and Case and Braelyn to the Ellison Family. I think for the Hogans sake we will not add any more for next Christmas. I don't think they can afford any more of us.....ha!! We always have a great time and Tiffany makes the best dinner. The kids have so much fun playing together. Last year Case spent the whole time taking toys away from Payten and this year he spent his time trying to get her to sit with him. One day she will appreciate all the

All the Kiddos
Case has a bit of an obession with Payten's pink chair. Maybe we will get him one next year!

Tiffany and Camryn
Davis Texting...what I have to look forward to in the future!!
Braelyn being so cute! She is wearing one of Paytens oh so cute outfits...thanks again Pay Pay!!
More cuteness!!
You talkin to me! Do you know who my dad is?
I just love this pic of Brae about to fall over and Payten just looking at her like....Whats wrong?!
Here begins Case trying to get his girlfriend to just sit on his lap for a!!

She doesn't look to happy!! Can somebody please save me?
She finally got away!!
He is so proud of himself...
Pretty girl!
Handsome boy
Another handsome boy...!! Colt is trying out the new shirt Tiffany got him.
Tiffany opening her gift.
This is the best pic look at sexy Braelyn...don't hate the Thunder Thighs!!! Then look at Case wearing Davis' shoes....hey they do match his pants.

What a cutie!!!
Braelyn and I being oh so crazy...behind the camera is Adam. Yes the guys were there we just forget to take their pictures.