Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone!!!! I am very thankful for this day to celebrate our Risen Savior. I can't even begin to image what life would be like with out Jesus. Things get tough and problems come but thanks to Jesus dying on the cross for ME I know that I will always be able to get through those tough times and face tomorrow. He has blessed me and my family more than I can say thanks for!!!! Thank you Jesus for dying on that cross for ME and everyone else in the entire world. Thank you also for giving us this day to see and remember what you went through for our sins. I can't even begin to image sending my son to this earth to die for the sins of the world but I am thankful you did!!

~ Our Purple Family~
We are looking very crooked...maybe its Colts leg?
I love this one of Brae...right after this she fell over.
So sweet
This is a better one of the three kids sitting down but the one below I love of Case's face.

Me and my girls....I heart them all the world!!!
My beautiful sister and her two beautiful girls.
Papa'll and Mamaw all 9 of the 15 grands!!
The Wagner Family
Gray, Jackson and Charlie or Charles as Colt calls him.
Emma and Iris

Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ Fun in the Sun ~

Papa'll, Mamaw, Sherri, Jay, Dakota and Corbin came down to the beach for vacation. Adam was off Wednesday and Thursday so we went over and stayed for 2 days. It was great to see all of them. I hadn't seem them, except Papa'll since Colt was 6 weeks old and he turned 5 the day after we got back. We had so much fun and the kids had a blast together. I have never seen kids get along so well that had just meet. I guess they knew they were related so it made it more special. Hope to do it again next year!

~ Adam drew all their names in the sand~

~Papa'll with the grands~

~Davis(6), Dakota(5 1/2), Case(2), Colt(almost 5), Corbin(4 1/2)~

~Brady loves her Papa'll~

Colt and Corbin


~Case with another one of his buddies~

~The boys being silly~

~Jay, Sherri, Me and Adam~

~ ~Sherri, Sharon, Allen and Adam~

~Mamaw and Papa'll with all the Grands~

~3 Beautiful girls~


~This boy loved playing in the sand~

~Daddy and Brae~

~My baby girl all grown up:)~

~My other baby girl growing up to fast~