Monday, November 30, 2009

More Pictures of the kids in November

Case really does love his baby sister, well when he is not beating her up he is loving on her:) She has such a sweet personality even when she is being messed with. She lights up when people talk to her and loves loves loves being held. All of my kids have been really sweet but Braelyn is the happiest to non family members. Davis barely ever smiled at anyone and would cry when someone she didn't know held her but not Braelyn. I think it comes with being the 4th child and just being glad someone is paying attention to her...hahaha. We love you baby sis!!!

I love dressing my kids and take pride in having them look nice and alot of the time matching or at least coordinating. However they always look the nicest on Sundays and I rarely get their picture made because I am rushing around to leave and they are too tired once church is over. Well I am trying to get better so I did get a few of them after church one Sunday. At this point Braelyn was already asleep but I guess 3 out of 4 is not so bad!!!

I love this outfit on Davis, she looks so grown up!! Where did my little girl go. It seems like just yesterday she was Braelyn's size. How I wish I could hold on to those days.

This is Braelyn dressed up for Sunday night church. Thanks to Tiffany for all these cute clothes we get to borrow of Payten's. Thanks also to my bow lady who is now my friend, Carrie. She does an awesome job matching things up. I just need her to live closer!!

Why does Braelyn have to look so much like her!!! She has that Adam look down pat!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The whole family...will we add more to it for next years picture?
I love this face, can you say Adam JR!!!

Mamaw, Jenny and Ruthie...she is such a ham.

Just Hanging

MeMe(Roddys Mom) is playing cards with Davis and Iris

Brae loves her some Emma June.
Daddy doing some "Heavy" frying!!

Cutie Colt
Some of the 12 grandkids

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. The Florida families were all there. No one came from out of town to visit this year. Larry and Kara came for Christmas this year!! Dad fried 2 chickens instead of turkeys...they were YUMMO!! Plus all the other good food. I guess starting the New Year we will all be on a diet.
Every Black Friday we go shopping. Some years we get up super early. Well this year we won the prize for the craziest. Jenny (SIL) called me about 10:45 and said do you want to go shopping at the outlet's with me, my mom(Mrs Rollins) and Ruthie? Well I said SURE!!! Adam didn't want us to go by ourself's so he came along as bodyguard and driver:) Davis wanted to come to so we got her dressed and meet them outside 10 mins later. Let me just tell you that it was super cold that night (for us Floridians) and the outlets are outside!!! The outlets are only about 7 mins from my parents house but and hour and a half later we finally made it. It seems everyone else had our idea!! We stayed there for a few ours and then Jenny dropped us off and they went their separate way. We dropped Davis off, we figured she could use some sleep, FYI she wound up sleeping until 2 the next day!!! After that Adam and I hit Target, Old Navy, Toys R Us and the mall...oh and Target again. We were in line at Target to check out for over an hour. We finally got back to my moms a little after one and crashed. Then after our nap we went shopping again!!!! A sickness I know but it was so much fun. Kara next year you better be there!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~Doughnuts for Dinner~

Our friend and neighbor Junior(two houses over) came home the other day and the kids ran over to say "Hi". He is one of the best cooks I know (please please please open your restaurant) and he is always bringing us over something new to try!!! Well on this day he had brought home a box of doughnuts and was nice enough to give one to each one of the kids...even Case. They loved it...oh what a mess!!! Here are some pics of them enjoying their little treat!

Just for fun!!

These pictures are so sweet of Case. Adam was outside mowing the yard and Case was just sitting there watching his Daddy mow. When he would go around to the back of the house Case would run to the back door and stand there and watch him also. He is such a sweet boy...well when he isn't getting into

Colts favorite things right now are playing dress up and playing with swords. We went to Target for the after Halloween sale and got him some dress up stuff for super cheap. Here he is dressed up in his GI Joe costume and his pirate mustache. He liked the costume so much I went back and bought him one to play with and one to keep for next Halloween. For less than $2 you can't bet the deal.

Colt is training his baby sister early in the ways of sword

Two sissy's...I hope they grow up to love each other as much as they do now!!! Davis is such a wonderful helper to me, well to everyone. I don't know how I could get thru the days without her. She loves loves loves her baby sister. She is always holding her, feeding her and sometimes she even gets her to sleep for me. She is going to be a wonderful Mommy when she grows up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So Case is being a very slow talker. Sometimes its kind of annoying when he gets upset and we have no idea why but for the most part with the other two talking so much we don't mind!!!! Well over the past few weeks he has started saying more and more things. Most of the time he will say it once and you are lucky if he will say it again. The one word he has been saying for a long time is Papa'll. We are not sure why he loves that man so much but he does. I have a feeling that Papa'll bribes him but no hard evidence Anyway so he has started saying more words...he says "Bye" so cute and the way he says shoe, well there is no way I could even spell it. Very Alabamay:) He has also started say Colt. Well today the word over took his very limited vocabulary. He kept saying Colt, Colt, Colt, Colt, Colt. This could go on for many minutes. I started to think why does he say his name so much and it finally hit me. I say his name so much. Colt....where are you? Colt what are you doing? Colt put your plate away. Colt why are you messing with Case!!! Colt come here. Colt pick up the toys.....the list could go on and on. I guess I should start repeating more words and see how BIG his vocabulary can