Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Western Night

Every year our church has Western Night for Awana's. This is one of our favorite nights. The big kids love riding the horses and getting to dress up as a Cowboy or Cowgirl. I was hoping that Case would go this time without crying but no such luck. We couldn't even get him on the horse this time. Hopefully next year he will enjoy riding them. I didn't even try to get Braelyn on one. It was so windy she wound up hanging out in the nursery with Emily and Josh. Its so nice having wonderful teens that love your kids at church. I am so thankful to all of them!!!!

Colt and Parker PIC's(Partners in Crime)

Adam was in charge of picture taking...he is such a pro with the sun in the background!

What a stud
My pictures are out of order this was before the horse ride...we need background music for this
Do you see the gun and cuffs?
Me and Davis Layne
Shes come a long way from her first ride. She had a melt down the first year.

Such a pro
I heart her!!!!
More PIC's. He still looked cute even if he was a chicken.

Mamaw and Case Braelyn and Russell.....another of our favorites!!
Brae and Emily....we are going to miss her a bunch when she goes away to college next year.
This was when we first got to church and Case was so excited about the horses. We should have had him ride right then!